Andrea Patrisi

andrea-patrisi-e-fabio-carosoneAndrea Patrisi è nato a Napoli nel 1954. In gioventù Patrisi ha avuto molta passione per l’arte e stato sempre molto attivo nel suo lavoro artistico. Ha portato per il mondo la sua arte con numerose personali in Italia ed all’estero con grande successo.

Andrea Patrisi paints the stunning scenery of the Amalfi coast with freshness and sincerity, it is an area he knows and loves. He studied at the internationally acclaimed Accademia delle belle Arti Naples. Patrisi’s work was soon in such demand that he could dedicate himself to becoming a full time artist.
Over the years Patrisi has developed a distinctive technique, bold brushstrokes and vivid colours are his signature style. Patrisi’s deep knowledge and understanding of this rugged coastline is fundamental to his honest depictions of this still relatively unspoilt area of Italy.
In his paintings of the working fishing harbours you can almost smell the salty fishing nets piled on the decks of the old boats. The once grand classical Palazzi overlooking the bountiful sea are now crumbling and unkempt. One of the most difficult things to paint is water and this is Patrisi’s forte. Light bounces off of his calm seas in which we can see reflections of the proud fishing boats.references: Gallery Carosone Positano